View and manage your donations history, donor profile, receipts, subscription/recurring payments, and more.

The donor dashboard is the place where donors have personal access to their giving history, donor profile, receipts, subscription management, and more.

Once the donor has validated their access (by validating their email address), visiting the Donor Dashboard page gets them access to all of the features of the donor dashboard.

When a donor first loads the dashboard, they see a high-level view of all information pertinent to their donor profile on the site. If the email address set as primary on the account has an associated Gravatar image, it is displayed on the top left of the Dashboard.

On the main dashboard tab, the donor sees a high-level overview of their giving history in the first box, and a few recent donations below that.

For a more extensive donation history, donors can check the Donation History tab, which showcases the ability to page through all of the donations in their history.

The Edit Profile tab allows your donors to update their information such as address, emails, and whether or not they prefer to be anonymous on the front end of the site.

On the Recurring Donations tab, you’ll see a list of all subscriptions, as well as options for each one. Donors can view receipts for each one, update payment information, as well as cancel the subscription.

The Annual Receipts tab allows donors to access and download their annual receipts for tax and other record-keeping purposes.

If you have any specific questions about your TOVP account please email us at fundraising@tovp.org

  The DONOR ACCOUNT tab will only provide you with history of donations given through this website beginning June 13, 2018. For prior Donation History contact us at fundraising@tovp.org.


Welcome to the TOVP Book Marketplace. Here you will find in-depth publications by numerous ISKCON devotees, scholars and scientists on the subjects of science and religion, consciousness, evolution, Vedic cosmology, archeology and much more. A section has also been included with publications from authors of the Intelligent Design school of thought. His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder/Acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) once said, “Religion without philosophy is fanaticism or sentiment, and philosophy without religion is mental speculation”. Religion and science do, in fact, go together, and while there appears to be a sentimental belief behind Krishna consciousness, it is based on the most profound and highest science available to mankind in the Vedic scriptures of India.

 Disclaimer: The ideas on Vedic cosmology expressed in the books in the TOVP Book Marketplace may not all represent the views of the TOVP Cosmology Department.

 As an Amazon Affiliate the TOVP earns from qualifying book purchases.

  Residents of India will have to search for the titles below on www.amazon.in

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