View and manage your donations history, donor profile, receipts, subscription/recurring payments, and more.

The donor dashboard is the place where donors have personal access to their giving history, donor profile, receipts, subscription management, and more.

Once the donor has validated their access (by validating their email address), visiting the Donor Dashboard page gets them access to all of the features of the donor dashboard.

When a donor first loads the dashboard, they see a high-level view of all information pertinent to their donor profile on the site. If the email address set as primary on the account has an associated Gravatar image, it is displayed on the top left of the Dashboard.

On the main dashboard tab, the donor sees a high-level overview of their giving history in the first box, and a few recent donations below that.

For a more extensive donation history, donors can check the Donation History tab, which showcases the ability to page through all of the donations in their history.

The Edit Profile tab allows your donors to update their information such as address, emails, and whether or not they prefer to be anonymous on the front end of the site.

On the Recurring Donations tab, you’ll see a list of all subscriptions, as well as options for each one. Donors can view receipts for each one, update payment information, as well as cancel the subscription.

The Annual Receipts tab allows donors to access and download their annual receipts for tax and other record-keeping purposes.

If you have any specific questions about your TOVP account please email us at fundraising@tovp.org

  The DONOR ACCOUNT tab will only provide you with history of donations given through this website beginning June 13, 2018. For prior Donation History contact us at fundraising@tovp.org.

TOVP Mission 23 Marathon logo

Pledge Your Support for the MISSION 24 Marathon NOW!

Your devotion is our inspiration


I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart all the worldwide donors and supporters of the TOVP who, for the last nine years, have inspired me with their devotion and love for Srila Prabhupada’s mission and the TOVP. I am eternally grateful and you will undoubtedly be blessed for your service to Sridhama Mayapur. If you have not yet made a pledge or a donation, this is the time now to help and to solidify your relationship with Sridhama Mayapur and the TOVP project.

There are less than four years left to complete Srila Prabhupada’s dear most project by the Grand Opening date of 2024. And there is still much work to do. The MISSION 24 marathon is in full force and we need your help now more than ever to reach our common goal. For the next two years we require $10 million annually and $15 million total thereafter, making a grand total of $35 million to complete the project.

The idea is to connect one and all to the seva of the holy dhama so when you come to Mayapur and see the TOVP you will be in tears remembering that you helped to build this temple which will create a spiritual legacy in the history of mankind for thousands of years by bringing the mercy of Mahaprabhu to all the misdirected civilization of the world. As Srila Prabhupada said:

“My idea is to attract people of the whole world to Mayapur”

Srila Prabhupada

Our motto has always been that this temple is being built by the hands of all the devotees. And it is our common anxiety to finish this temple by 2024. Srila Prabhupada said that anxiety for Krishna is very rare and is most auspicious. In the material world anxiety is shunned, but anxiety for Krishna is the highest perfection, the highest meditation. It is the pressure of love which motivates our every action to please our beloved Lord.

To all our donors I say thank you, and also humbly ask that you consider giving more. To those who have not yet donated I humbly beg that you consider giving now. To all I humbly request that you stretch your limits by going even beyond your capacity, beyond your own expectations and witness the empowerment of the Lord in fulfilling your seva commitment. Say to yourself:

“Yes, I can and I will donate more than my capacity for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada to help build his Mayapur temple which will create a revolution in the minds of a misdirected civilization for the next 10,000 years.”

It is your devotion and support which is building this temple and which is inspiring us here at the TOVP to unflinchingly continue with the utmost endeavor.

Lastly, my request to all is that you become an Ambassador for the TOVP by telling all your devotee friends and relatives to also join you in this wonderful, transcendental MISSION 24 to complete the TOVP by 2024. Just direct them to the TOVP website where they can donate as much or as little as they like, because this is still the temple being built by the hands of every devotee.