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This page will offer you all the options you may need to choose an easy and effective way to make your pledge payments regularly and according to your means so you don’t fall behind in your commitment. We do encourage setting up automatic recurring payments for the above reason and for amounts that will pay off your pledge as soon as possible so we have the necessary funds for our construction work. Thank you for your steadfast support.


Pledges can be paid in three or less years of installments. Below is a list of the current sponsorships, one of which you pledged for, to help calculate your monthly auto-recurring or one-time payments. Please indicate which sponsorship when setting up your payments.

TOVP/Prabhupada Trophy
Gold - USD 1,000,000 / INR 7 Crores / GBP & EUR 760,000
Silver - USD 250,000 / INR 1.5 Crores / GBP & EUR 190,000
Bronze - USD 108,000/ INR 71 Lakhs / GBP & EUR 82,000

Pillar of Devotion
Atma Nivedanam - USD 108,000/ INR 71 Lakhs / GBP & EUR 82,000
Smaranam - USD 51,000 / INR 35 Lakhs / GBP & EUR 39,000
Kirtanam - USD 31,000 / INR 21 Lakhs / GBP & EUR 23,000

Prabhupada Award
Gold - USD 51,000 / INR 31 LAKHS / GBP & EUR 35,000
Silver - USD 25,000 / INR 15 LAKHs / GBP & EUR 17,000
Bronze - USD 15,000 / INR 11 LAKHS / GBP & EUR 10,000

Murti Nirman Seva
Deva Seva - USD 25,000 / INR 21 LAKHS / GBP & EUR 19,000
Bhagavat Lila Darshani Seva - USD 108,000 / INR 86 LAKHS / GBP & EUR 82,000

Windows of Vaikuntha
Bas-Relief Art Panel - USD 25,000 / INR 21 Lakhs / GBP & EUR 19,000
Tanjore Painting - USD 51,000 / INR 40 Lakhs / GBP & EUR 35,000

Doors of the Dhama
USD 13,000 / INR 11 Lakhs / GBP & EUR 10,000

TOVP/Prabhupada 2023 Marathon Medallion
Gold - USD 5,000 / INR 3.5 LAKHS / GBP & EUR 3500
Silver - USD 3,000 / INR 2 LAKHs / GBP & EUR 2500
Bronze - USD 2,000 / INR 1.5 LAKH / GBP & EUR 1500

Nrsimha Brick
USD 1,000 / INR 51,000 / GBP & EUR 750

Diamond of the Dome
USD 251 / INR 21,000 / GBP & EUR 190 each

  NOTE: The list of sponsorship options above offers the most current seva opportunities. If you don't see your sponsorship option in the list, please contact us at:


Once your pledge payment is made or you have selected the recurring payment amount you will be able to view your Donation History and access a receipt at any time by going to the DONOR ACCOUNT DASHBOARD.

  ATTENTION: When offering your donation, please make sure to select the right country payment gateway and currency type so you can be provided with the proper receipt for your tax purposes.

  United Kingdom and Euro residents please use these options:
PayPal UK (one-time):
Manor website UK (one-time):
Manor website UK (recurring):
PayPal Euro (one-time):
For assistance contact Sukanti Radha devi dasi:
Phone:+44 7803 608641

  Canadian residents please go to this website to make your offering:

  PAYMENTS BY CHECK AND WIRE TRANSFER: To make payments by check go ​to Donation Details page. To make payments by bank wire transfer ​​go to Bank Transfer Details page.

  NOTE: Please be sure to always indicate your pledge type (Medallion, Award, Brick, etc.) when making your one-time payment or setting up auto-recurring payments in the Note section of the donation form.

  The TOVP now accepts cryptocurrency for donations. Click on the link to be redirected to our Donate Crypto Page to make your payment.

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