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Sri Sri Radha Madhava Murtis in the Making
The making of a special set of Sri Sri Radha Madhava/Ashta Sakhi fiberglass murtis has recently commenced. The purpose of these murtis is specifically to place on the altars with the Pancha Tattva and Guru-parampara murtis for decorating the area as well as to determine how all the murtis on all the altars fit nicely
The marble cladding of the interior walls of the TOVP temple room continues and is starting to take shape. You can see how beautiful it looks in the video, with the white marble and red border. We will also be adding ceramic gold tile inlays in certain areas which will commence soon. Currently, about 80%
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At this auspicious ending of the month of Purushottama the TOVP Team is pleased to announce the launch of its updated and improved website at www.tovp.org on June 13th. From this website, as in the past, you can access all the various different options for donating to the TOVP, read articles relating to construction progress,
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The following is an explanation about the auspicious nature of the month of Purusottama. Every few years when the month of Purusottama appears the TOVP fundraising department encourages donors to consider making larger pledge payments or completing their pledges during this month since donating to spiritual purposes and making similar vratas (vows) increases one’s bhakti
Miracles are not uncommon in the pastimes and seva of the Lord, and certainly the TOVP Euro Tour is a current example of how the Lord reciprocates with His devotees, blesses them and simultaneously fulfills His own purposes, in this case the building of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium and manifestation of His own
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Jananivas prabhu and Brajavilas prabhu during TOVP Euro Tour in Zurich, Switzerland
Departing Villagio Hare Krishna in Milan, Italy on Friday, April 27th, we traveled about three hours to ISKCON Zurich for a program the same evening, giving us time to get back to Mayapur for Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Appearance Day mahotsava. The usual program was held in the evening with kirtan, abhisheka and presentations by Jananivas and
Departing New Yoga Pitha Dhama, Slovenia and Sri Sri Pancha Tattva on Wednesday, April 25th, we drove 3½ hours for the program at Prabhupada Desha in Albettone, Italy, and then another 2 hours to Milan for the program on April 26th. As usual, we felt the Lord guiding us every step of the way. The
HH Chandramauli Swami, Jananivas prabhu and Brajavilas prabhu during TOVP Euro Tour in Ljubljana, Slovenia
On Tuesday, April 24th we traveled about 3½ hours to the temple of Pancha Tattva in Ljubljana, Slovenia named New Yoga Pitha Dhama, Slovenia. We were certain Lord Nityananda would be ecstatic to come to the (new) yoga pitha of Mahaprabhu and would shower the devotees with His mercy and blessings. As it turned out,
Jananivas prabhu and Brajavilas prabhu during TOVP Euro Tour in Vienna, Austria
Leaving the wonderful temple of Sri Sri Dayal Nitai Vijay Gauranga in Budapest, Hungary, we traveled by car three hours to Vienna, Austria arriving on Monday, April 23rd. This small Gaur Nitai temple was started less than three years ago and there are only a few initiated devotees and a small congregation. The small but