Akshaya Tritiya, May 10: The TOVP Give To Nrsimha 12 Day Matching Fundraiser Begins
May 10 is Akshaya Tritiya, one of the most important days in the Vedic calendar. Akshaya Tritiya is the appearance day of Lord Parasurama, and it is also the day that the Ganges descended to the earth. Most devotees know it as the beginning of Candana-yatra, but actually many of Lord Krishna’s other pastimes also
Finishing Lord Nrsimhadeva's Wing by Nrsimha Caturdasi
The TOVP Nrsimhadeva’s Wing is 80% complete and scheduled to be finished by Nrsimha Caturdasi, May 22 (India time). The entire ISKCON world witnessed the opening of the Wing on March 2 this year, and in just another few short years the TOVP will be officially opened, and all our beloved Mayapur Deities relocated to
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Kamada Ekadasi and the TOVP 2024
Ekadasi is the 11th day of the Moon’s lunar phase, and Kamada Ekadasi falls on the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase) in the month of the Chaitra (March-April). This day is also called ‘Chaitra Shukla Ekadasi.’ Ekadasi is a most auspicious time for spiritual advancement through fasting, increased hearing and chanting of the Lord’s glories and
TOVP Nrsimha Brick Campaign Extended to Nrsimha Caturdasi 2024
The TOVP Fundraising Department has decided to extend the Nrsimha Brick Campaign to Nrsimha Caturdasi. The Nrsimha Wing is 80% complete and scheduled to be finished by Nrsimha Caturdasi. This extended campaign will help finance that goal. This announcement comes in conjunction with the Give To Nrsimha 12 Day Matching Fundraiser from May 10 (Akshaya
TOVP Nrsimhadeva Wing Diamonds of the Dome Campaign
The Nrsimhadeva Wing dome interior is composed of 1700 steel brackets of varying sizes. 432 beautiful, gold-leafed diamond-like coffers are mounted on the steel brackets to adorn the interior ceiling of the 82ft (25m) high dome. They are acoustically designed to reduce excess echoing in the hall during kirtan. The Nrsimha Wing, which opened during
The TOVP Communications Department is happy to present the Visions of the TOVP video. These are the same beautiful, scenic views of the magnificent Temple of the Vedic Planetarium in our Visions of the TOVP Flipbook and 2024 calendar, shot by some of our best photographers. We hope these images inspire devotees with a vision
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TOVP Give To Nrsimha 12 Day Matching Fundraiser, 2024
2024 celebrates the historic opening of the TOVP Nrsimha Wing on March 1-2, a miracle finally achieved. Now 80% complete, we are focusing our next big fundraiser, the annual Give To Nrsimha 12 Day Matching Fundraiser, on raising the capital required to finish the wing. From May 10 (Akshaya Tritiya) until May 22 (Nrsimha Caturdasi
The Wonderful Papamocani Ekadasi and the TOVP, 2024
Papamocani Ekadasi falls on the 11th day of the Krishna Paksha (the waning phase of moon) in the month of Chaitra as per the North Indian calendar. However, in the South Indian calendar this Ekadasi is observed in the Vedic month of Phalgun. In the English calendar this corresponds to the months of March to
From Kutir to Mandir – The TOVP Story
What is known as the ‘bhajan kutir’ in ISKCON Mayapur is the first structure built on the property, renovated from a dilapidated old house that existed there when the property was purchased in 1971. It was also the original ‘temple’, functioning as chota Radha Madhava’s first place of worship when They arrived in Mayapur in