The second container from Moscow carrying the titanium nitride Chatris and Kalashes has arrived! The Kalashes were so well packed to the exact size of the inner container that it took not only the laborers, but also the manager’s help to unload it, and one hour to unpack just one box. The third and final
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Work has recently begun on the temple columns’ exterior mock-up, a design which will be used on the columns all around the temple. In the image below you can see half the exterior mock-up as it goes around the main column structure. The final product will be made of two pieces which will wrap around
TOVP 2017 is a presentation by TOVP Chairman, His Grace Sriman Ambarisa das, about the current progress of the TOVP construction and an appeal for donations to help continue the current pace towards its completion in 2022. Thanks to Thakur Saranga prabhu for producing this video.

New Year, New Work Begins

Here is a small update on the current activities that are going on in the TOVP. 1. We started making a full size sample of the wooden windows. This is the beginning of the frame around the windows, on the very top underneath the domes. All together there are 240 windows to cover, lots of