We hope you enjoy viewing this video showing the progress of the external embellishments on the eight TOVP towers. You will also see images of the domes, sandstone windows and other magnificent features of the temple. Gradually, the exquisite beauty of the temple will become more and more manifested.   SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT The TOVP Announces
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We are glad to inform you that the TOVP Garuda Murti of is completely finished and ready for installation. As the greatest devotee and very intimate servant of the Supreme Lord, Garuda, the carrier of Vishnu, is always ready to perform devotional service and execute any orders of the Lord. Therefore, he is always near
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Chota Radha Madhava Come to Mayapur
In a previous article, The Many Meanings and Forms of Radha Madhava, we presented various historical and theological perspectives of the names of Sri Sri Radha Madhava, as well as the history of the large Radha Madhava/Ashta Sakhi murtis. Below is a short explanation by Bhavananda prabhu of the arrival of the original chota Radha
The TOVP Celebrates the Prabhupada Paschatya Desha Tarine Centennial, 1922-2022: Receiving the Order to Preach
Many devotees may not be aware that this year commemorates the 100th anniversary of Srila Prabhupada receiving the order to preach in the West from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati (see the story below). This highly important and significant event and its eventual fulfillment should be the subject of our deepest contemplations. The words paschatya desha tarine
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