By the mercy of Mahaprabhu and the hard work of all the TOVP Team, preparation work for the Chakra installation ceremony is progressing rapidly. The Nrsimhadeva Dome Chakra is complete and now devotees are working day and night to attach the Navayogendras and the central piece of the main Chakra to the 6m (20’) frame.
In less than a month the Grand Installation Ceremony of the remaining two Chakras onto Sri Sri Radha Madhava’s and Lord Nrsimhadeva’s domes will take place. This historic occasion will be ISKCON’s most important event to date and represents almost a decade of effort on the part of all devotees to fulfill the vision of
The Chakra for Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Dome is completely finished and ready for installation. Preparation of the main Chakra for Sri Sri Radha Madhava’s Dome is on target for completion soon. Both will be installed at the Grand Installation Ceremony on February 7th. To sponsor an abhisheka for Sri Sri Radha Madhava’s and/or Lord Nrsimhadeva’s domes
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In the temple design, one of the highlights will be the images of Gaur Nitai on the front staircase walls of the temple made out of mosaic tiles. We have created a mock-up of those images to scale on canvas that will be placed on the walls. This gives us an indication of the huge