Sri Sugunendra Tirtha Svami, the Mathadhipati of the Puthige Math — one of the 8 Mathas established by Srila Madhvacarya in Udupi — visited Sridham Mayapur along with his entourage on his Tirtha Yatra. Under Sugunendra Svami’s leadership, the Sri Puthige Matha has flourished and expanded its influence across the world. He has played a
The Glories of Purushottama Month (Adhik Maas)
The wonderful and enchanting history of the month of Purushottama is a long one that takes the personified Adhik Maas to the highest spiritual realm of Goloka Vrindaban, where she is blessed by Lord Krishna to have 1000 times more benefits to the observer of devotional vows than the month of Damodar. Purushottama Maas comes
Sayana Ekadasi
Sayana Ekadasi (Shayani Ekadasi) (lit. “sleeping eleventh”) or Maha-ekadasi (lit. “The great eleventh”) or Prathama-ekadasi (lit. “The first eleventh”) or Padma Ekadasi, Devshayani Ekadasi or Devpodhi Ekadasi is the eleventh lunar day (Ekadasi) of the bright fortnight (Shukla paksha) of the Vedic month of Ashadha (June – July). Thus, it is also known as Ashadhi
The TOVP Prayer

The TOVP Prayer

We are pleased to present the TOVP Prayer, written by H.G. Sriman Kalakantha prabhu, to all devotees. It is an appeal to the Lord to help us all do our part to complete this great and magnificent temple, Srila Prabhupada’s dearmost project, and the new home of our beloved deities at ISKCON World Headquarters in