Chakra Work Progress

Work on the Chakras is progressing alongside of the placement of the Kalashes on the domes. The Nava Yogendras, embellishments around the Chakra, are being attached and Sadbhuja, Avatar Gauranga and Ajita Chaitanya prabhus can be seen in the photos doing the final inspection of the work.

Kalash Installation Begins

After several weeks of assembling the titanium nitrate Kalashes, we have finally reached the final stage of commencing their installation on top of the TOVP Domes and Chatris. This is a major achievement in the progress of the TOVP, and if the Lord allows us we are on schedule to complete the installation of both
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Marble cladding work on the temple exterior and the installation of Rajasthani style sandstone window frames on the higher levels of the structure continues throughout various areas of the TOVP and will soon cover all sections of the temple, floor by floor.
On the auspicious day of Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi, one of the Chakras for the small domes as well as the remaining parts for the two small dome Kalashes arrived in Mayapur. Three Chakras will adorn the top of the three TOVP domes and are made of solid stainless steel plated with pure gold. This gold
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