Jananivas prabhu and Brajavilas prabhu during TOVP Euro Tour in New Vrajadhama Farm, Hungary
The Hungary temple in Budapest and farm have been personally overseen by GBC member, His Holiness Sivarama Maharaja for over thirty years. Through his guidance and care for his disciples, followers and friends He has created a sweet devotional atmosphere of dedicated ISKCON devotees who are well taken care of spiritually and materially. Anyone who
Another mesmerizing event recently took place here at the TOVP – Raising of the flagpole and new flag on the main dome! Previously, because of the crane we were unable to keep the flagpole to our desired height. Now that the crane is no longer present we have raised it to the proper height. From
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Sri Nityananda padukas arrive to New Ekachakra Dhama in Slovakia during TOVP Euro Tour 2018
This miraculous visit to New Ekachakra Dhama on Wednesday, April 18th has become another history making event on the TOVP Euro Tour. So much so that we will also include some related lilas that led to the planning and arrival of Lord Nityananda’s Padukas and Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Sitari in Slovakia. The story begins in 2015
Jananivas prabhu and Brajavilas prabhu during TOVP Euro Tour in Wroclaw, Poland
Lord Nityananda and Lord Nrsimhadeva in the forms of Their shoes and helmet respectively, continue to guide our tour and perform miracles. Although we were only scheduled to visit the Sri Sri Gaur Nitai temple in Poland, a last minute arrangement was made to also visit the Nava Navadvipa temple. Each temple had about 25-35