Financial Report 2016

Financial transparency is of utmost importance in the TOVP income and expense reporting. All our finances are carefully monitored through a 4-tier auditing system to ensure that not a farthing is wasted, misspent or misappropriated. These are the four auditing measures we have put in place so all our donors can be confident their donations are well spent:

  1. CNK RK and Co are our India accounting firm:
  2. Cushman & Wakefield, our Project Management Consultancy oversees our expenses:
  3. ISKCON India Bureau receives regular accounting reports
  4. Our U.S. accounting firm handles income through the TOVP Foundation



wdt_ID Month/Year Staff Office Maintenance Machinery & Equipment Consultants Construction Monthly Total in INR Equivalent in USD


wdt_ID Month/Year Indian Contribution Foreign Contribution Monthly Total in INR Equivalent in USD