Doe para Nrsimha 36 Dias 3X para angariação de fundos
The TOVP 36 Day Matching Fundraiser is about to begin, offering devotees another opportunity to serve the historic Temple of the Vedic Planetarium, ISKCON’s flagship world project. This year is especially important and crucial to our overall success because we will be completing and opening the Nrsimhadeva Temple in the TOVP, the largest of its
TOVP Maha Nrsimhadeva Homa 2023

TOVP Maha Nrsimhadeva Homa 2023

The TOVP management is pleased to announce the auspicious Maha Nrsimhadeva Homa during the opening of the completed Nrsimhadeva Wing in October, 2023. This special yajna is planned during the three-day opening of the Nrsimhadeva Wing to create auspiciousness for devotees specifically and all mankind in general. It is a very powerful homa which removes
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O Maravilhoso Papamocani Ekadasi e o TOVP, 2023
Papamocani Ekadasi cai no 11º dia do Krishna Paksha (a fase minguante da lua) no mês de Chaitra de acordo com o calendário do norte da Índia. No entanto, no calendário do sul da Índia, este Ekadasi é observado no mês védico de Phalgun. No calendário inglês isso corresponde aos meses de março a
The historic Grand Opening of Lord Nrsimhadeva Wing in October, 2023 (date to be announced) is part of the greater TOVP 2024 Marathon to open the temple in 2024. This is a crucial stage towards that goal, and we request all devotees to come together and give their might to complete Lord Nrsimhadeva Wing for
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O Tempo Purânico e o Registro Arqueológico
By Michael A. Cremo (Drutakarma Dasa): The Forbidden Archeologist This paper was delivered at the Third World Archaeological Congress, New Delhi, India, 4 -11 December 1994. Providing a strong challenge to established academic perception and methodology, Drutakarma Dasa presents the Vaisnava Hindu worldview on the fundamental concepts to the approach to and interpretation of the
Brochura do Plano Diretor da ISKCON Mayapur
The Sridham Mayapur Development Foundation has released it’s ISKCON Mayapur Master Plan brochure for the development of Mayapur into a full-fledged city according to Srila Prabhupada’s vision and instructions. The new brochure is available to view and download below as a pdf file or as an online flipbook. Please take this unique opportunity to help
Amalaki-vrata Ekadasi
Amalaki-vrata Ekadasi é celebrado em Krishna Paksha (Fase de Enceramento) no mês de Phalgun (fevereiro-março). 'Amalaki' ou 'Amla' é a groselha indiana, e a árvore é comemorada neste dia. Acredita-se que o Senhor Vishnu resida nesta árvore, e esta ocasião também marca o início do Holi – festival indiano das cores. Isto é
From the drone camera of Ajita Caitanya prabhu of the TOVP Construction Department we present a recent TOVP flyover of the entire temple structure, giving us a birds-eye view of this magnificent structure from the outside. This October we will be celebrating the opening of the completed Nrsimhadeva Wing of the temple, and from December,
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Publicações do site Firstpost Artigo TOVP
On February 22, the India-based news website, Firstpost posted an article about the TOVP: Norwegian diplomat shares photo of world’s largest temple; take a look. Included in the article are Twitter and website links to view photos, cgi images and videos of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. The original Twitter photo post of the
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