Western Questions Eastern Answers: A Collection of Short Essays – Volume 2

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Ashish Dalela (Rishiraja Dasa), is an acclaimed author of sixteen books that explain Vedic philosophy in an accessible manner and their relevance to mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, linguistics, sociology, economics, philosophy, and others.

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Why did I choose to name this collection “Western Questions, Eastern Answers”? Philosophy and science in the West have largely been practiced with the aim to understand the present world.

A number of theories have been propounded, none of which are free of problems. Philosophy and science in the East (specifically the Vedic tradition) has always been practiced with the aim to transcend the world. Vedic texts provide many theories, but always in answer to a transcendental question. On one hand, therefore, we have questions that haven’t found good answers. On the other, there are very good answers that haven’t been connected to the burning questions of mankind today. Combining them makes a lot of sense from both sides, although I believe this type of approach to a ‘synthesis’ of religion and science hasn’t been attempted before.

  • Author:Ashish Dalela
  • Published:December 26, 2019
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