Time and Consciousness: Cyclical, Hierarchical, and Causal Notions of Time

About the author

Ashish Dalela (Rishiraja Dasa), is an acclaimed author of sixteen books that explain Vedic philosophy in an accessible manner and their relevance to mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, linguistics, sociology, economics, philosophy, and others.

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Questions about the nature of time have always been an important part of physics and philosophy, but they have never been resolved satisfactorily.

This book discusses eight such questions:

  • Does Time Pass?
  • How Does Time Pass?
  • Do the Past and the Future Change the Present?
  • Does Time Pass Uniformly?
  • Is Time Absolute or Relative?
  • Is Time Discrete or Continuous?
  • Is Time Reversible or Irreversible?
  • Is the Universe Eternal or Cyclical?

These problems span classical mechanics, thermodynamics, atomic theory, relativity, and geometry, but the fundamental issues of the past and the future influencing the present are present in experience.

  • Author:Ashish Dalela
  • Published:November 12, 2020
  • Book size:228 pages
  • Formats:Kindle, Paperback