Proof of Vedic Culture’s Global Existence

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The author of 27 books and 12 e-books on Vedic culture and philosophy, Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana Das) is a prolific author, speaker and spiritual mentor to many.

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This book provides evidence which makes it clear that most religious history is not what we think it is. It lets you see the true heritage that has been suppressed for centuries.

It shows that there was once a greatly advanced and ancient culture that was a global society. This was the Vedic civilization. Even today we can see its influence in any part of the world, which makes it obvious that before the world became full of distinct and separate cultures, religions, and countries, it was once united in a common brotherhood of Vedic culture, with common standards, ideals, language, and representations of God. No matter what we may be in regard to our present religion, society, or country, we are all descendants of that ancient, global civilization. The Vedic tradition of India is the parent of humanity and the original ancestor of all religions.

  • Author:Stephen Knapp
  • Published:February 1, 2000
  • Book/File size:430 pages / 1305 KB
  • Formats:Kindle, Paperback