Uncommon Wisdom: Fault Lines in the Foundations of Atheism

About the author

Ashish Dalela (Rishiraja Dasa), is an acclaimed author of sixteen books that explain Vedic philosophy in an accessible manner and their relevance to mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, linguistics, sociology, economics, philosophy, and others.

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The rise of militant atheism has brought to fore some fundamental issues in our conventional understanding of religion.

However, because it offers science as an alternative to religion, militant atheism also exposes to scrutiny the fundamental problems of incompleteness in current science. The Uncommon Wisdom book traces the problem of incompleteness in current science to the problem of universals that began in Greek philosophy and despite many attempts to reduce ideas to matter, the problem remains unsolved. The book shows how the problem of meaning appears over and over in all of modern science, rendering all current fields—physics, mathematics, computing, and biology included—incomplete. The book also presents a solution to this problem describing why nature is not just material objects that we can perceive, but also a hierarchy of abstract ideas that can only be conceived. These hierarchically ‘deeper’ ideas necessitate deeper forms of perception, even to complete material knowledge.

  • Author:Ashish Dalela
  • Published:May 16, 2015
  • Book size:230 pages
  • Formats:Kindle, Paperback