Complete Lord Nrsimhadeva's New Home in 2022!
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  • Give back to one who gave selflessly to so many
  • Sponsor a Nrsimha Brick with your name inscribed
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Express your gratitude to our beloved Nrsimha pujari


Pankajanghri prabhu was the selfless servant of Sri Mayapur Nrsimhadeva, and beloved by all devotees worldwide. He was always prepared to offer any service or prayer to the Lord on their behalf, and during his lifetime of seva he assisted countless devotees in this way. As Adwaita Acharya prayed to Lord Caitanya to appear in this world to bestow Krishna prema to one and all, Pankajanghri prabhu prayed to Lord Nrsimha to remove the obstacles in the lives of all devotees so they could advance in Krishna consciousness. It was his ardent desire to move all of Mayapura's Deities from the "asbestos not-temple shack" they were temporarily located in to Their real palace, the magnificent and awe-inspiring Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. He especially wanted to see Lord Nrsimha's Wing completed by 2022, followed by Sri Sri Radha Madhava's altar, in preparation for the Grand Opening in 2023.


Honor the service and desire of Sriman Pankajanghri to complete Lord Nrsimha's new home in the TOVP by donating any amount towards the Nrsimha Wing or sponsor a Nrsimha Brick with your name inscribed and placed under His altar.

  NOTE: When making a General Donation please indicate it is towards the completion of Lord Nrsimhadeva's Temple in the TOVP.

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