1008 Sponsors Limit! Sponsor an abhisheka for yourself and each of your family members as your combined guru dakshina for Srila Prabhupada's 125th Advent Anniversary!

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  ATTENTION: When offering your donation, please make sure to select the right country payment gateway and currency type so you can be provided with the proper receipt for your tax purposes.

  PAYMENTS BY CHECK AND WIRE TRANSFER: To make payments by check go ​to Donation Details page. To make payments by bank wire transfer ​​go to Bank Transfer Details page.

  IMPORTANT: This donation option is set up for auto-withdrawals for recurring payments towards your pledge. If you are not present for the installation we will perform the bathing in your name.
All bathing coins are 1/4″ in size and are made 100% of approximately 1 gram of precious metal, and each sponsor will receive the coin they sponsored.
Bathing coins cannot be shipped for obvious reasons and you will have to arrange to have it picked up from the TOVP office.


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