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What do the Splendour in the Grass Music Festival in Australia and TOVP have in common? Remarkably, devotees from New Govardhana Farm have set up a Govinda’s prasadam stall there with a theme representing the TOVP itself as the shape of the stall. The Splendour in the Grass Festival is a three day music festival
The TOVP management Team has recently made an important decision to hire the assistance of a world-leading Project Management Consultancy (PMC) company, Cushman and Wakefield, to partner with them for the completion of the TOVP by the proposed 2022, Gaura Purnima time-frame. This is a standard practice in the Construction industry for projects of this
TOVP Main Dome Coffer Ceiling Concept
We are pleased to announce the completion of the design for the main dome coffer ceiling by Her Grace Rangavati Devi Dasi. This is the final concept to be erected and executed by the MacCoy Company. It is a very workable and compatible design following the existing dome design and structure. Seen in the photo
It’s always wonderful to get special visitors to Mayapur, and this time we had the opportunity to welcome again His Holiness Jayapataka Maharaja’s sister, Leslie Elizabeth Bauer from the U.S.A. on July 12th. After a grand tour of the TOVP she expressed how overwhelmed with emotion she was and moved by the sheer size of
Sri Sri Radha Madhava Murtis in the Making
The making of a special set of Sri Sri Radha Madhava/Ashta Sakhi fiberglass murtis has recently commenced. The purpose of these murtis is specifically to place on the altars with the Pancha Tattva and Guru-parampara murtis for decorating the area as well as to determine how all the murtis on all the altars fit nicely
The marble cladding of the interior walls of the TOVP temple room continues and is starting to take shape. You can see how beautiful it looks in the video, with the white marble and red border. We will also be adding ceramic gold tile inlays in certain areas which will commence soon. Currently, about 80%
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At this auspicious ending of the month of Purushottama the TOVP Team is pleased to announce the launch of its updated and improved website at www.tovp.org on June 13th. From this website, as in the past, you can access all the various different options for donating to the TOVP, read articles relating to construction progress,
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The following is an explanation about the auspicious nature of the month of Purusottama. Every few years when the month of Purusottama appears the TOVP fundraising department encourages donors to consider making larger pledge payments or completing their pledges during this month since donating to spiritual purposes and making similar vratas (vows) increases one’s bhakti

TOVP Euro Tour Overview

Miracles are not uncommon in the pastimes and seva of the Lord, and certainly the TOVP Euro Tour is a current example of how the Lord reciprocates with His devotees, blesses them and simultaneously fulfills His own purposes, in this case the building of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium and manifestation of His own
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