From the drone camera of Ajita Caitanya prabhu of the TOVP Construction Department we present a recent TOVP flyover of the entire temple structure, giving us a birds-eye view of this magnificent structure from the outside. This October we will be celebrating the opening of the completed Nrsimhadeva Wing of the temple, and from December,
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Firstpost Website Posts TOVP Article
On February 22, the India-based news website, Firstpost posted an article about the TOVP: Norwegian diplomat shares photo of world’s largest temple; take a look. Included in the article are Twitter and website links to view photos, cgi images and videos of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. The original Twitter photo post of the
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In October of 2023 the TOVP will complete and reveal to all, the largest Nrsimhadeva Temple in the world. With over 10,000 sq. ft. of surrounding space and five levels of terraces adorned with paintings and bas-relief art panels depicting the pastimes of Lord Nrsimha and Prahlad Maharaja, this magnificent creation is a miracle in
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TOVP Flipbooks for Gaura Purnima, 2023
For Gaura Purnima and Nityananda Trayodasi 2022 the TOVP published two inspiring and informative free online flipbooks detailing the history of the making, arrival and installation of our beloved Mayapur Pancha Tattva Deities. We present them here again this year in observance of the 2023 Gaura Purnima Festival for devotees to read and relish. As
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Prayers and Mantras to Lord Nrsimhadeva
With the coming historic opening of the completed Nrsimhadeva Temple in the TOVP this October, slated to be the largest Nrsimhadeva Temple in the world, we would like to request devotees to pray to Lord Nrsimha to remove all obstacles to our success. With that in mind we are pleased to offer the link below
Vijaya Ekadasi
According to the Vedic calendar, Vijaya Ekadasi falls on the 11th day of the month of Phalgun during the Krishna paksha (dark fortnight), waning phase of the Moon. The significance of Vijaya Ekadashi has been described in the several Vedic scriptures. The term ‘Vijaya’ in literal meaning signifies victory. Observance of Vijaya Ekadashi and its
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Lord Nrsimhadeva Comes to Mayapur
“The installation of Lord Nrsimhadeva lasted three days July 28-30, 1986. I remember feeling apprehensive that perhaps the installation was too simple. The grave warnings of the Sankaracarya of Kanchipuram had deeply impressed me. But my mind was soon appeased by the loud, dynamic kirtana. Sankirtana-yajna, the chanting of Hare Krsna, the only true opulence
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Mayapur Prediction
‘Gata-varsha’ (The Last Year) is an editorial written by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura for Sajjana Tosani, Vol.12, Issue 1 in 1900. The Thakura reviews the spiritual achievements made during the last year, and predicts that in future, people from all nations will come to the birthplace of Mahaprabhu. He also mentions his son, Siddhanta Sarasvati in
Bhaimi Ekadasi and the TOVP, 2023
Vaishnava Jaya (Bhaimi) Ekadasi is an important fasting ritual observed on the 11th day during the Shukla Paksha (the bright fortnight of moon) in the month of Madhava in the Vaishnava calendar. This observance falls somewhere between the months of January to February in the Gregorian calendar. Jaya Ekadasi is also popularly called as Bhaimi