Srila Prabhupada Teaches His First Disciples the Nrsimha Prayers
From the earliest days in ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada always stressed the importance of worshiping Sri Nrsimhadeva for the protection of ISKCON, its leaders and the devotees. Our Mayapur Nrsimhadeva manifested there in 1986 as a result of several attacks on the temple, and after His installation these disturbances ceased. Being the World Headquarters for ISKCON,
TOVP Marathon Medallions
The TOVP 2024 Marathon is underway to open Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Wing in October, 2023 and thereafter the TOVP during a three-month-long festival from December, 2024 until Gaura Purnima, March, 2025. One unique sponsorship opportunity is three specially designed Prabhupada Medallions as part of our ‘WE RUN, YOU WIN’ Marathon. Designed after the Olympics medallion, these
TOVP Nrsimhadeva Wing 'Doors of the Dhama' Campaign
The TOVP Fundraising Department is pleased to announce the Doors of the Dhama Campaign to fund the production of sixteen doors surrounding the Nrsimhadeva altar. The entire Nrsimhadeva Wing is scheduled to open during the 2024 Gaura Purnima Festival from February 29 – March 2. Set within specially designed glass frames with decorative marble borders
As we enter the year 2023, His Grace Braja Vilasa prabhu, TOVP Vice Chairman, gives an inspiring appeal to help complete the TOVP and reach the next milestones to achieve that goal. In October, 2023 the completed Nrsimhadeva Wing and altar will open. The Grand Opening of the TOVP will be celebrated during a three-month-long