TOVP End of the Year and New Year's Message
The TOVP Team would like to wish all devotees an auspicious end of the year and a Happy Krishna conscious New Year. May the Lord bless you and your family members so that you may all advance in His service and dive deep into the ocean of Lord Caitanya’s merciful benediction of love of God,
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The TOVP Requests - Give To Nrsimha and Go To Vaikuntha
The TOVP Team is extremely pleased to announce that all devotees who help build the Nrsimha Wing in the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium will go to Vaikuntha!!! “O devoted one, one who builds a beautiful temple for Lord Nrsimhadeva will be freed from all sinful reactions and he will enter the Vaikuntha planets.” Nrsimha
Bhisma Panchaka and the TOVP

Bhisma Panchaka and the TOVP

The last 5 days of the month of Kartika are traditionally known as the Bhisma Panchaka or the Vishnu Panchaka. Grandfather Bhisma fasted for these five days, as arranged by Lord Sri Krishna, preparing to give up his life. In the Hari Bhakti Vilasa it is said that if one is capable, one should observe
Give To Nrsimha Brick Campaign Winding Up
The TOVP Fundraising Department would like to let all devotees know that we will soon be winding up the Nrsimha Brick Campaign. During the historic Grand Opening of the Nrsimhadeva Wing at the 2024 Gaura Purnima Festival, from February 29 – March 2, all the Nrsimha Bricks with engraved donor names will be placed under