Sponsor a Smaranam Pillar

  • Become a Pillar of Devotion by sponsoring one of the 108 foundational pillars of the TOVP
  • Your name inscribed on the pillar in perpetuity as long as the temple stands
  • Your name inscribed on the TOVP Devotional Wall of Fame
  • Three years to complete your pledge payments
  • A once in MANY lifetimes opportunity
  • The Pillars of Smaranam bring one to the realm of full absorption and remembrance of the Lord, and awaken our soul to its eternal relationship with Him in pure devotional service

Available Smaranam Pillars
(Sponsored on a first come, first-served basis)

(see pillars in green on the picture below, 18 located in the Temple Hall/16 located in the Nrsimha Wing)

wdt_ID Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor
2 1 2 3 - Prem Vilas Prabhu {Piyush Gupta} (Columbus) 4
3 5 6 7 8
4 9 10 11 12
5 13 - Rashmin Chand (Canada) 14 15 16
6 17 18 19 - Haldhar Rupa Das, Tarun Dholariya (USA) 20 - Vijay Neeta Talwar and Family (USA)
7 21 - Usha Thadani (Gita DD) (Atlanta) 22 - Dhananjay Krsna Prabhu (Deepak Motwani) 23 - Raj Makkar (LA) 24 - Kannan Suri Mohanram (Farmington Hills)
8 25 - Nitesh Patel (USA) 26 - Dr. Sachin Mittal (San Jose CA, USA) 27 - Balaram Govinda Das (Madurai, India) 28 - Vikram Jaipuria (Bangalore, India)
9 29 - Shakuntala Vrinda dd (Dubai) 30 - Sunanda Mataji (Mumbai) 31 - Ganga dd & Nishtharani dd (Myanmar) 32 - ISKCON (Bahrain)
10 33 - Stuart Banerjee (USA) 34 - Manmohan & Chander Nayyar, M.D (USA)

TOVP Pillars of Devotion layout image

108 immense pillars, clad with the best marble and sandstone sourced throughout the world, represent the well-known principles of devotion to Krishna, sravanam (hearing), kirtanam (chanting), smaranam (remembering), and atma nivedanam (self-surrender). Along with 2 fourfold, elephant adorned Pillars of Dharma at the main entrance of the temple, they support the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. These foundational pillars are the cornerstone of the process of devotion and of the very physical structure of the temple. We invite you to participate in their completion and installation and make your sankalpa today by sponsoring one.

18 located in the Temple Hall/16 located in the Nrsimha Wing (in green color on the picture), the Pillars of Smaranam bring one to the realm of full absorption and remembrance of the Lord, and awaken our soul to its eternal relationship with Him in pure devotional service.

You may pay in monthly installments over the next three years or in full. You select the monthly amount and time-frame from our list of recurring payment options. But if you have the capacity, kindly consider the urgency and importance of the MISSION 24 Marathon and pay in full at the time of selecting your pledge, or select a shorter payoff time-frame.

Your recurring contribution will be processed automatically and you will receive an email receipt for each recurring contribution. After completing your pledge payments we will contact you from the TOVP office to request the name you would like on your pillar(s).

Thank you for your great sacrifice to support Srila Prabhupada’s dearmost project, the TOVP. Become a TOVP Ambassador and tell all your devotee family and friends to support the MISSION 24 Marathon to complete the TOVP by 2024.

  REMINDER: We request you to please complete your pledge payments by 2024 to insure our financial solvency for completing the TOVP on time. Thus, kindly consider making your payment in full or selecting a larger recurring payment to help us meet our urgently needed monthly budget. Thank you.

  PLEASE NOTE: Although pillars are sponsored on a first come, first-served basis, due to the worldwide range of our fundraising through individual communication, high traffic volume from donors on the website, and a limited number of pillars, we cannot guarantee 100% that the pillar you select will be available due to lag time in all sponsorship reporting. We will make all efforts to offer you the pillar of your choice, but if the pillar you selected is already sponsored we will contact you to make another selection. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience in that regard.

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