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TOVP Video Update, November 2017

This TOVP video update filmed and edited by Prananatha prabhu, with background music by Agnideva prabhu singing from his album, Prayer to the Lotus Feet, is astounding, mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. It will take you on a virtual tour of the ongoing progress of the construction, from the very top of the Main Dome, down to

Nrsimhadeva Dome Arches and Columns

In preparation for the installation of the Chakra on Lord Nrsimhadeva’s dome, we are now installing the outer arches and columns on the middle tier of the dome. Beautifully designed and made in-house, the arches and columns will be placed alongside the cornices (top and bottom), and timber wooden windows will be installed into the

TOVP Bell Test Rings Loud and Clear

Recently, we tested an electronic bell sound from the Main Dome of the TOVP. We are planning to install a permanent electronic bell in the near future to ring every hour of the day in the Holy Dhama of Sridhama Mayapur. Kindly watch this video with the actual sound and Sadbhuja’s commentary, along with stunning
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GitaWise – is a Bhakti Vrksha program in Cumming, Georgia, U.S.A. that involves many families in devotional activities and learning experiences through the teachings of Bhagavad Gita As It Is and Srimad Bhagavatam. Part of the education is to learn to contribute to worthy causes. They have donated previously to the TOVP, and recently they
The Adelaide, Australia temple, like Perth, is a very small community of about fifty devotee families and congregation members. We were not expecting any major contributions here but were happy to come and bring the blessings of Lord Nityananda and Lord Nrsimhadeva to the devotees. To our great surprise we miraculously collected $165,000 in pledges
The Perth temple is a mid-size community of devotees numbering about 200-250, many of them new practitioners of Krishna consciousness. Their Graces Jananivas and Vraja Vilas prabhus arrived on Monday, November 6th in preparation for the first program of the Australasia tour on Tuesday, November 7th. Being a weekday only 150 devotees were able to
The following video presentation from the TOVP is a quarterly report by Sadbhuja prabhu, Managing Director of the project, detailing current activities and progress, and the marathon of work to be completed in the next three months in preparation for the historic installation ceremony of Sri Sri Radha Madhava’s and Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Chakras on February
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On Sunday, November 5th ,immediately following Mangal-arati, His Grace Jananivas prabhu and Brajavilas prabhu left Sridham Mayapur with the Padukas of Lord Nityananda Prabhu and Lord Nrisimhadeva’s helmet, to distribute mercy throughout Australasia. They will be joined by Their Graces Ambarisa prabhu and his wife Svaha mataji for a one month tour of Australia, New

Australian Tour Video Trailer

This November, 2017 the TOVP Tour bringing Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s Padukas (Divine Shoes) and Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Sitari (Sacred Helmet) from Sridhama Mayapur will be setting foot in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Perth – Nov. 7th Adelaide – Nov. 8th Melbourne – Nov. 11th (extended stay) Sydney – Nov. 18th New Govardhana – Nov. 20th