3-year installment payments available Sponsor one of the remaining pillars in the Nrsimha Wing
  • Become a Pillar of Devotion & sponsor one of the 50 Nrsimha Wing pillars
  • Your name inscribed on the pillar in perpetuity as long as the temple stands
  • Your name inscribed on the TOVP Devotional Wall of Fame
  • Two years to complete your pledge payments by Gaura Purnima 2025
  • The Pillars of Kirtanam begin the sacred chant of the Lord's Holy Name, Fame and Glories. Being non-different from Him, they immerse the soul in His transcendental attributes and eternal presence
  • The Pillars of Smaranam bring one to the realm of full absorption and remembrance of the Lord, and awaken our soul to its eternal relationship with Him in pure devotional service
  • The Pillars of Atma Nivedanam complete our devotion, culminating in total self-surrender and the consummation of our eternal spiritual identity and rasa with the Lord, in full prema for Radha and Krishna

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(Sponsored on a first-come, first-served basis - see the map below)

Available Remaining Pillars

Kirtanam Pillars - 1 (Red) #31
Smaranam Pillars - 10 (Green) #19-26 & #33-34
Atma Nivedanam - 5 (Yellow) #28-32

TOVP Pillars of Devotion layout image - remaining available pillars

108 immense pillars in the TOVP (50 of them in the Nrsimha Wing), clad with the best marble and sandstone sourced throughout the world, represent the well-known principles of devotion to Krishna, sravanam (hearing), kirtanam (chanting), smaranam (remembering), and atma nivedanam (self-surrender). Along with 2 fourfold, elephant adorned Pillars of Dharma at the main entrance of the temple, they support the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium.

These foundational pillars are the cornerstone of the process of devotion and of the very physical structure of the temple.

We invite you to participate in their completion and installation and to make your sankalpa today by sponsoring one of the remaining pillars in the Nrsimha Wing for the opening of the hall in 2023.

To sponsor a Pillar of Devotion contact Braja Vilasa directly:
phone: +91 96359 90391
email: brajavilasa.rns@gmail.com

 NOTE: You may pay in monthly installments over the next two years until Gaura Purnima 2025 or in full. You can select the monthly amount and time-frame. But if you have the capacity, kindly consider the urgency and importance of completing Lord Nrsimhadeva's Wing in 2023 and pay in full by October, 2023.

Thank you for your great sacrifice to support Srila Prabhupada's dearmost project, the TOVP. Become a TOVP Ambassador and tell all your devotee family and friends to support the MISSION 24 Marathon to open the TOVP by 2024.


The list of available pillars.

2 16 1-12 11, 13, 14, 15
3 14-18 28, 29, 30, 31, 32
4 21, 22, 23, 24