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The list below contains all the payment options available to make a donation on this site. Each individual donation page will guide you to the payment options for that particular campaign based on your location.

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  • Our goal is to raise $250,000
  • All donations will be matched up to $125,000
  • Double your donation to the TOVP
  • Make a large pledge payment to help pay-off your pledge
  • Sponsor a Seva Opportunity and your gift will be matched
  • Offer a General Donation of any amount and it will make a difference
  • Akshaya Tritiya and Nrsimha Caturdasi are auspicious offering days during the fundraiser

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Make a pledge payment, a new Seva Opportunity offering, or a one-time donation. All funds will be matched by Ambarisha Das (Alfred B. Ford), project Chairman, thus doubling the income to the TOVP. Select your donation from the options below.

Akshaya Tritiya is the Ultimate Day of Giving and Being Blessed. On this most auspicious day in the Vedic calendar any service or charity one performs will be paid back many times over.

On Akshaya Tritiya:

  • Lord Parasurama made His appearance
  • Gangamata descended from the heavenly regions
  • Candan-yatra begins
  • Vyasa began writing Mahabharata
  • Sudama was blessed by Lord Krishna
  • Draupadi received an unlimited sari
  • Draupadi's akshaya patra satisfied Durvasa Muni

“If the devotee offers something to the Lord, it acts for his own interest because whatever a devotee offers the Lord comes back in a quantity a million times greater than what was offered. One does not become a loser by giving to the Lord; one becomes a gainer by millions of times.”

Srila Prabhupada, Krsna Book Ch. 81, The Brahmana Sudama Blessed by Lord Krishna

“He who has built a temple for Vishnu reaps the great fruit which one gains by celebrating sacrifices every day. By building a temple for the Lord he takes his family, a hundred generations past and a hundred to come, to the region of Acyuta.”

Agni Purana


Temple of the Vedic Planetarium Rising in Mayapur, West Bengal


ISKCON and TOVP Leaders Speak Out About the #Giving TOVP Fundraiser

Donation Choices

  • General Donation - any amount
  • Square Foot - $150
  • Victory Flag - $501
  • Nrsimha Tile - $1000
  • Guru Parampara Brick - $1600
  • Mahaprabhu Brick - $1600
  • Radha Madhava Brick - $2500

  NOTE: All sponsorships must be paid in full. There are no pledges during this fundraiser.

  U.S. PAYMENTS BY CHECK & WIRE TRANSFER: To make payments in the U.S. by check go ​to Donation Details page. To make payments by bank wire transfer ​​go to Bank Transfer Details page.

 REMINDER: If you are making a pledge payment, please use the Custom Amount option and make a note of that on the donation form so we can access your Donor Account. We encourage you to make an extra large payment to double the income to the TOVP.

Canadian residents please go to this website to make your offering: http://www.tovpcanada.org/donate.html

  If you are unable to use our online donation system to make an offering, please contact us at: fundraising@tovp.org

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