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Panca-Tattva Club

Panca-Tattva Club Donations

$1,500,000 to $2,000,000 (Rs8 Crores to Rs10 Crores) Sponsorship

O brahmana, the one who just thinks about the construction of the temple of the Supreme Lord is immediately freed from all sinful reactions. What then to speak about the benefit that one acquires when he is engaged in the actual construction of a temple of the Lord in accordance with prescribed procedures. No one can properly describe the benefit received by those who build a temple of Lord Vishnu from 8 bricks only. Then imagine the benefit received by the one who builds a great temple.

Sri Hayashirsha Pancaratra

Nrsimhadeva Temple Hall – $2,000,000 (Rs10 Crores)


Adjoining the Main Temple Hall, the Nrsimhadeva Temple Hall will be a place for intense prayer and kirtanas to worship Lord Krshna as His fierce and protective avatara of Lord Nrsimhadeva. As Lord Nrsimhadeva protected His devotee Prahlada, He protects any person that approaches Him with sincere devotion. One-half of an acre in size and decorated with stunning devotional art along its walls, the Nrsimhadeva Temple Hall will house a magnificent altar, forty-one feet long and nineteen feet high, made of black granite with white marble and gold leafing. The floor, in the shape of a cakra, has a multicolor scheme that includes black, white, sienna, burnt sienna and green.

Suspended from the Temple dome is a custom chandelier of one thousand and eight lights, which adds to the many crystal-glass chandeliers in illuminating the gorgeous Temple of Lord Nrsimhadeva.

Nrsimhadeva Altar – $2,000,000 (Rs10 Crores)


This ornate black and golden sanctuary room dedicated to the worship of Lord Nrsimhadeva will rest inside the awe-inspiring Nrsimhadeva Temple Hall. The monumental form of Lord Nrsimhadeva, carved in South India, will sit upon an intricately carved altar in-laid with precious stones, surrounded by a forest of flickering ghee lamps. The altar will be surrounded by enormous black granite columns reminiscent of the Lord's pastime of emerging from the column at the palace of Hiranyakashipu.

Museum Floors – 2,000,000 (Rs10 Crores)


The Temple of the Vedic Planetarium – the only complex in the world that is both a Temple and a Planetarium – will include a separate wing for the Planetarium, as well as Museum floors that wrap around the interiors of the Main Temple and the Nrsimhadeva Temple. By walking through the three Museum levels, pilgrims will see dioramas, paintings and exhibits. As they do this, they will also be able to view the two hundred foot tall Vedic Cosmology model – suspended as a chandelier from the ceiling of the main temple – from different angles. Thus each visitor can learn more about the universe and their place in it from authoritative shastric evidence.

Chatris – $2,000,000 (Rs10 Crores) - (8 chatris)


Chatris are an intricate part of Indian architecture, historically used in temples and forts. The Temple of the Vedic Planetarium will feature eight chatris, each representing one of the eight directions and governed by one of the ashta-sakhis (eight principle gopis). Each chatri will be accessible by elevators and stairs, as they will offer nice verandas for pilgrims to enjoy the surrounding view. The beautiful gold and blue domes will be decorated with bright ceramics, Fabergé elements, and in four of the chatris, mosaic paintings reaching up to forty-nine feet high and nineteen feet wide.

Main Temple Columns – $1,800,000 (Rs9 Crores)


Columns provide both support and aesthetic beauty for a structure. Inside the Main Temple Hall, these marble-clad columns will create an internal parikrama path around Sri Sri Radha-Madhava and Sri Panca-tattva Deities, allowing pilgrims to circumambulate the Deities, receive additional blessings, and make spiritual advancement with each step.

Murtis of the Acaryas – $1,620,000 (Rs8 Crores)


Fifteen deities of the principal acaryas in the line of Gaudiya Vaishnava disciplic succession – from Srila Rupa Gosvami (c. 1500 A.D.) to Srila Prabhupada – will grace the first altar in the Main Temple Hall. Each will be sculpted out of metal and have its own unique form and personality. The gosvamis will be standing, and the other acaryas will be seated.

Nrsimhadeva Temple Columns – $1,600,000 (Rs8 Crores)


The Nrsimhadeva Temple hall will be surrounded by sixteen traditional granite central columns marking a parikramä path for pilgrims to circumambulate Lord Nrsimhadeva. As Lord Nrsimhadeva appeared from a pillar to destroy Hiranyakashipu, these pillars remind us of the Lord's supreme presence, protection and power.

Panca-Tattva Club Appreciation


The benefits of building a temple.

  • One who builds or helps to build the temple of Lord Vishnu becomes liberated along with eight generations of his forefathers.
    - Agni Purana

While the real benefit is the Lord's eternal mercy, we want to thank you in the following ways:

  • Your name or the name of a loved one will be inscribed in gold leafing on a special plaque, to be prominently displayed in the ISKCON Hall of Champions
  • Receive honorary membership on the TOVP Board of Advisors
  • Receive Guest of Honor status at the Opening Ceremony and other Mayapur events
  • Receive special recognition in articles to be published in ISKCON periodicals
  • Receive a complete set of Srimad-Bhagavatam, Caitanya-caritamrita, Krishna and Ramayana Art Books
  • Receive framed photographs of the Mayapur Temple Deities

Enjoy the following appreciations for 20 years:

Religious services

  • Yearly special offerings and puja to the Deities in your name to commemorate special events in your life
  • Participation as yajamana in major temple functions

Mayapur facilities

  • 10 nights free per year in one of the Mayapur Guest Houses
  • Sumptuous mahaprasada meals through the VIP dining service
  • Access to VIP areas in the temple facilities and at special events

Attractive discounts

  • 15% off for seminars and retreats
  • 15% off at participating Mayapur shopping outlets

Free regular periodical subscriptions

  • Mayapur Festivals DVD
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