The first phase of the electrical work has started. This phase consists in applying the conduits ( a tube for protecting electric wires) in the 8 stair cases. This step must be done before cladding the walls with marble.  

The TOVP Facebook Page recently achieved a landmark 250,000 Likes! All glories to Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and all glories to His devotees.

November 15th celebrated the one year anniversary of the Sadaputa Digital Channel on Youtube featuring over 100 lectures and videos about Vedic perspectives on modern

HG Jai Nitai Das and the ISKCON London team welcomed the Padukas, Sitari and International team in true Vaishnava style with a thundering kirtan outside the temple. Flower petals showered Lord Nityananda and Lord Nrsingadev in their form of Padukas and Sitari respectively from the temple rooftop. This gave great excitement to the onlooking devotees

The TOVP International team were warmly welcomed to ISKCON Leicester by HG Pradyumna Das and were accommodated at the home of HG Visnoomurthy Das who co – incidentally studied the pujari course under the guidance of HG Jananivas Das. The devotees of ISKCON Birmingham and ISKCON Manchester were united by the TOVP service and in

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The TOVP International Team arrived today in London Heathrow airport. HG Jananivas Prabhu, HG Radhajivan Prabhu, HG Brajavilas Prabhu together with the Paduka and Sitari. They were received by Sukanti Radha dasi and Bhaktin Denia. Since they were received by 2 mataji’s. The garlands were placed on the chairs at Heathrow airport for them to

Seven years before the ToVP opens and much interest is found at the World’s biggest travel/tourism fair. Little doubt then that by the time Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Sri Sri Pancatattva and Lord Nrsimhadeva move to their new glorious temple, we will have one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions to manage!

Winter has finally arrived in Mayapur. Along with the change of seasons the month of Kartika has begun, bringing the blessings and mercy of Lord Damodar. Work on the TOVP steadily continues, bringing newer and newer developments and progress towards its completion by 2022.

Our nursery is now three years old. Over 2,000 different items were planted on this plot of land three years ago. All these trees and plants will be used in the gardens surrounding the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium.

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